Our journey began years ago while Myka was pregnant with the first of our 2 children. During my 4th deployment I unconsciously created a Mastermind group, we focused on abundance and financial education. As a group, we began learning about attaining money by challenging each other to learn cash flow techniques and take classes on finance. We used the meetings to discuss insight of how it all worked and different practices we studied.

For me, those sessions have grown into learning how to manifest the life my wife and I envisioned for ourselves. The number one lesson learned was how EVERYTHING kept circling around to learning a skill and taking action prior to perfection of that skill.

Once Myka and I began building positive habits such as journaling, practicing focus, binary thinking and taking action, we came to the realization that it was possible to change our life for the better. In grounding our goals to physical reminders we discovered that not only could we bring our dream into fruition, but we could also help others through their journey as well. So welcome to this exciting, wild ride! We know you're going to love it and we cant wait to hear your success story.